Friday, July 1, 2011

Twin Sisters and Lily Mountain Run

Today I drove up to Rocky Mountain to run Twin Sisters again. I parked down at Lily Lake and ran all the way up the road to the trailhead. This added about .5 miles to the run and about 100 feet elevation gain. I ran all the way to the the saddle between the summits. It took me 1:23! Then I scrambled to both summits and ran back down in exactly an hour. So, that portion of the run was about 8 miles and 2500 feet.

Then I wanted to run over to Lily Mountain. On the map it looked like the trailhead wasn't even 1/2 a mile down the road. I started running on the very busy highway and felt that the lack of shoulder was seriously detrimental to my health. So, I ran back up to the car and drove down the road to the next trailhead. This trail was 2 miles in each direction and it gained 1,000 feet. It was much steeper than I expected, so it was slow going. After 48 minutes I reached the rocky summit and then took 35 minutes to get down. Overall, I was running for 3:45 over 12 miles and 3500ft gain. Not too bad!

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