Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bike Ride with Donna

Today we rode with Donna. From our house we rode down South Boulder Trail to Bobolink. From there we continued on down to the end of South Boulder at Marshall Road. It was a beautiful day and Donna was up for more riding so we rode south to Marshall Mesa. We decided to ride east as far as we could and then turn around when we got to the big hill, as this was a technical trail. Donna did great and made it up the long, steep hill so we made a loop and continued on the mesa trail. On the descent Donna slipped and took a spill, scraping up both knees. A true trooper, she washed them off with her water tube and road all the way back to our place. Dan made yummy smoothies to celebrate the 18.5 mile-2.5 hour ride.

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