Saturday, October 22, 2011

Green Mountain Run

This morning Dan and I rode bikes to Chautauqua. We ran the Baseline Trail, hiked most of the Gregory Canyon Trail, and then ran/hiked the Ranger Trail to the summit of Green Mountain. It took 1:25, not bad for mostly hiking.

Sugarloaf Mtn. in the foreground, Mt. Audubon behind it. Paiute just to the left of Audubon and Sawtooth farther to the right.

It was quite windy at the top! Still a lot of people out enjoying the day though. We ran down the E.M. Greenman Trail to Saddle Rock and then Amphitheater.

Dan zooming down the Amphitheater trail.

It took about an hour to get down, and then we fought the foot traffic for the CU/Oregon game on the bike path back home. The leaves are still beautiful around town and the weather was in the upper 60s. Nice!

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