Saturday, May 19, 2012

SoBo & Bear Take 2

After hiking Shadow Canyon up to South Boulder Peak and Bear last weekend, I decided to run it today It was very cloudy, but not raining at the trailhead. However, that changed the higher I got. In the canyon I was fairly protected from the rain. The dense trees kept the trail dry in spots and just damp in others. Once I got close to the summit of South Boulder, I could really feel the wind blowing and the rain was pelting me. Actually, when I looked more closely I noticed it was actually graupel that high up. After the quickest summit rest ever (I literally just turned around), I ran over to Bear. Again, the trail was fairly covered, but once I got out in the open is was awful. Nasty winds, rain, was awful. I quickly scrambled up the ridge and turned right back. On the way down the rain seemed to be picking up. The sour weather wasn't deterring any hikers, though. There were tons of people coming up Shadow and the lower trails. Surprisingly, many of them were in cotton sweatshirts and jeans. That makes for a soggy day! Stats: 2:47:28 overall--Mesa to Shadow and back.

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