Friday, April 20, 2012


I got to go to Breckenridge for the Colorado Content Collaboratives. Fortunately, there wasn't a big snowstorm while I was there--just an inch or so over night. I drove out there after a concert on Tuesday night. I got in around 10:00. The next morning I was up early enough to explore some of the roads and trails behind my hotel. I discovered a reservoir and some neat neighborhoods. I was really surprised that I found nice trails less than five minutes from my hotel room! After working all day I went back out to explore some more. I ran across the melting ski slopes and got away from town on some meandering trails.

Thursday morning everything was covered in an inch or two of newly fallen slow. I was making first tracks everywhere. I started off by heading downtown and running along a pretty creek. Then I ran up some more ski slopes and hooked up with some other trails. Thursday afternoon I had to leave early for yet another concert, but I made the most of my time there.

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