Friday, May 4, 2012

Colorado Springs

I love serving on this state committee. We get to meet in the coolest places. I spent the last two days in Colorado Springs, and boy did I have fun! (Ok, the work part was cool, too.) I drove down Tuesday after school and met Melanie for an evening run. We ran from her house down to Garden of the Gods, around some trails there, and then back. I love GoG! The rock formations are outstanding and I had no idea there were so many trails down there. I had a blast catching up with an old friend and running in her neck of the woods. Afterward we went out for dinner at yummy Marigold's. They have the best chocolate moose cake ever!

Wednesday morning I woke up and drove to Red Rocks Canyon Park and ran a couple of miles. Again, some of the neatest rock formations. The colors are so unique with the brilliant red sandstone. I quickly got ready for my meetings and then snuck out again in the evening, back for Red Rocks. That night one of my colleagues hosted us all for an awesome homecooked dinner.

Thursday morning I woke up early and drove to Manitou Springs. I parked at the base of the Barr Trail (what we ran up for the Pike's Peak Ascent) and found my way to the incline. This remnant from the mining era is a great hill workout for Springs residents. Essentially it's a mile long staircase that climbs 2,000'. That's an average grade of 41%. I made it up in just under 38 minutes and then cruised down the Barr Trail to the car. What an awesome work trip!

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