Monday, July 9, 2012

Blue Lake

This morning Heather and I drove up to Brainard Lake to hike to Blue Lake with her dog (small horse, is more like it!), Bayley. We started at the trailhead around 7:30 and enjoyed walking through the damp forest. We learned on our return that the Brainard Lake area had received inches of rain over the last few days. Rather than a subalpine forest, it felt more like a rainforest!

The morning was also very foggy. There were times we could see patches of blue sky, but the clouds never lifted enough for us to see the mountains around us---Pawnee, Toll, Paiute, and Audubon. We did see plenty of wildflowers, some marmots, and gorgeous waterfalls. I even found a lake with big ice chunks breaking off. We started hiking a bit past Blue Lake to Upper Blue Lake, but it got too rocky for Bayley. I think he also had a hidden agenda, as he hopped into the ice-cold lake twice!

We didn't see a soul until we got to the lake, but then on the way back we saw many folks out for a rocky walk. We were very glad we got out before most and got to enjoy the lake to ourselves. A fun morning!

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