Sunday, January 12, 2014

Triathlon Training is Back!

I had so much fun last July, that I've decided to do another Half Ironman. Yay! This one is in Boulder and in June, so I officially started my training this past week. I hired Coach Russ again because he does such a good job making my workouts interesting and keeping track of all the miles I need to do in each discipline. This week felt pretty good, and I managed to squeeze everything in with school so I'm quite pleased :-) I also think that it helps that I really started pre-training in December. Getting in two swim workouts a week is huge. Also, despite it being winter I've tried to keep riding a couple of times a week. Running is actually the easiest thing to do when it's cold and dark out! I think it's fun to keep track of my weekly totals, so here goes:

Swim: 6100 yards (3.5 miles)
Bike: 4 hours 20 minutes on the trainer, 10 miles outside (plus 3rd place on the Independence segments!)
Run: 12 miles (one 5K race @ 24:52--I placed 10th in my age group!)
Climbing: only once at the gym, but I've done my YAYGOG

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