Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Seven Triathlon Training

This week was a big week. Lots of good training, especially in swimming and cycling. I swam 10x100 all 1:29-1:32. I'm super psyched about this because my 100 yd PR is 1:28. To sustain a speed close to my PR for 10 intervals is sweet! Dan got a bike this weekend, so we had a lot of fun riding outside together. It was chilly, but not too windy and dry on the roads. I'm very excited that our ride up to Hygiene (27.5 miles) averaged 17 mph after a ride and run brick I did earlier in the day. The sessions on the trainer are paying off!

Swimming: 6800 yds (3.86 miles)
Cycling: 2:00 hrs in trainer, 73 miles outside
Running: 19.5 miles
Other: YAYOG Week 6, 2:00 hrs climbing

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