Saturday, April 12, 2008

What happens in Boulder . . .

. . . is pure magic.

And so it goes on the blog.

Thursday afternoon I drove to Chautauqua and hiked up to the top of the 1st Flatiron. 2-3 inches of snow from the morning made it a little treacherous coming down but it was worth it. There was still daylight left so I drove up Flagstaff mountain to check out the views. Fun driving in the Jeep. Had dinner at Snarf's.

During the day Friday I spent some time at the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art. Great paintings and sculptures. I especially was drawn to Bill Hughes' work. Had a delicious lunch at the Med with Susan.

Friday afternoon I walked to Chautauqua. On the way I passed the Great Harvest Bread Company and thought I'd stop in to get something. The store had just closed. Lucky for me, a couple sitting on a bench offered me one of the oatmeal-raisin cookies they got just before the store closed. Yum!

In Chautauqua I picked a trail and ended up in Gregory Canyon. I hiked around the amphitheater where Laurel and I climbed on our honeymoon, then headed back to Chautauqua. It was getting late: the rocks along the trail were all mountain-lion colored.

Back on the road I started zigzagging NE, block-by-block, towards the hotel. I stopped at a smoothie bar and flipped through the Colorado Daily while sipping a Razzbapple smoothie. On a whim I check out the music list, and see that Gram Rabbit is opening at the Fox Theater. They're a band from Joshua Tree -- when Laurel and I were there a few years ago their CD was playing at a restaurant and we picked one up. Crazy coincidence!

The show was sold out but I bought a ticket off someone who had an extra. Met a guy named Silas who also managed to get an extra ticket & see the show. Gram Rabbit was great, but didn't play for very long. They closed with an awesome cover of White Rabbit. I stuck around for the headline act, Lotus. I guess it was electronica -- drummer, percussionist, keyboard, bass, guitar, no vocals. I wasn't really into them after the first song, but they grew on me, and by the end of the first set I was hooked. Didn't stay for the second set since I need to get up early tomorrow.