Friday, August 1, 2008

Saturday, 7-26


Today all four of us went to Rocky Mountain National Park. However, there was one stop we had to make on the way. 18 miles into Boulder Canyon is a little mountain town called Nederland (yes, think South Park). This weekend was Nederland's Mining Festival. So, there were cool mining events all day. We stopped to see spike driving and mucking. Tres cool! Dad even got a t-shirt.

We then drove the peak to peak highway up to Estes Park and RoMo. Dan and I drove mom and dad on the winding, dirt road through the park to Milner Pass. On the way, we saw quite a few glaciers and waterfalls. M & D just had to touch the snow in July. We then drove the Trail Ridge Road (with most of the other park visitors) back to Estes. Dad saw 5 chipmunks, a marmot, and lots of elk.

For dinner, we went out for sushi on Pearl Street. Then we came back home and watched 10,000 BC. It wasn't half bad.

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