Friday, August 1, 2008

Sunday, 7-27


I got up early and did my long run for the week---8.5 miles according to my calculations. M&D went out for breakfast, and Dan hung out at home in bed :-) Mom and I went for a quick bike ride out to Wonderland Lake before we all went to Rock Island for some climbing. Well, Dan and I did the climbing, M&D just watched.

We also tried to go down to Eldorado State Park, but being that it was a very, very hot Sunday afternoon, we pretty much failed. At least M&D got to see the entrance to this huge canyon south of town.

After cooling off at home, we brought M&D to our favorite restaurant--the Gold Hill Inn. You may remember from last summer that this place is in the middle of nowhere up a dirt road to a little hippie village. I like to think of it as the Colorado historical equivalent to the Wayside Inn. It's a fixed-price 6-course meal which is out of this world!

After dinner we all watched a couple of Law and Orders and then dad drove back to the airport for the red-eye to NYC.

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