Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, 7-24

I planned a Boulder day for mom today. We started with a long bike ride. First we rode into the plains to see prairie dogs. They were out in full force to greet us. Then we headed west on the Boulder Creek trail into the mouth on Boulder Canyon. We stopped at Rock Island to take in the beautiful views before heading to NoBo for breakfast. We got coffee at Vic's, a Boulder institution, and got bagels at Moe's, another Boulder landmark.

After a quick stop home, we headed up to Celestial Seasonings for a tea tour, tastings, and a gift shop visit. Mom and I both got a lot of new teas to try. Then it was off to a yoga class at NoBo Rec Center--mom's first! We had a lot of fun and then decided it was time for lunch.

I took mom to the Tea House for a delicious lunch. I know we've written about this restaurant in past posts, so I won't do it here. After lunch, we drove around the university to check it out, and halfway up Flagstaff Mountain to check out the views of town. Then, we headed back to the Rec Center to cool off in the pool.

For dinner, Dan made shrimp and edamame. Then it was off to Neptune Mountaineering for the weekly slide show. This week Gary Neptune was talking about Wind River, another climbing area in Wyoming. Very impressive stuff! The talk was short, so we took mom to the Hill and stopped for a drink at The Sink (very cool CU hang out). Then it was off to Glacier for some ice cream!

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