Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another amphitheater day

We climbed at the amphitheater again today. First climb was the South Face of the Second Pinnacle, which we were thunder-boomed off of last weekend. This time we made it to the top in two pitches -- some tricky route finding involved. We rapped off the back and walked back around inside the amphitheater to climb The Inset (5.6). The weather wasn't making up its mind so this shorter climb was a good choice. By the time we both completed the climb the clouds had mostly moved on, so we chanced another climb, this one up the Third Pinnacle. We didn't have the guide book with us, so we just headed up a crack leading to a nasty overhanging roof. Luckily we made it around the roof. At the top of the climb we realized there was an easy walk-off on the backside, so we took that back to the trail and called it a day.

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