Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gregory Canyon weekend

Yesterday we climbed at the Gregory Canyon Amphitheater. Gorgeous weather all day. First we summited T-Zero a few times -- a smaller rock (50') hiding behind the big pine tree in this first photo. Good climbs, and since there were no fixed anchors at the top we lead-downclimbed a 4th class route each time to get off -- a little too exposed to do unroped. Laurel led two routes up to the summit and I did two as well.

After tackling the easier routes on T-Zero, we headed up for the 1st Pinnacle summit, but this time we climbed the right route (vs. last time)! Amazing what a good guidebook can do for you... This next pic is the start of the East Face Dihedral, which we took to get to the top of the East Bench, then from there it's a step across the top of the chimney onto the east face of the 1st Pinnacle. You can see the bottom of the chimney at the top of the photo.

Now yesterday's weather was great, but today it was overcast and foggy. Didn't stop us from going back for more -- the rock was the only thing around that was dry, lucky us! These pics are all from today, so no blue skies to show. See the low clouds? So it was a bit chilly but we managed to do a couple of routes, Laurel led the first one and I led the next two. We've ticked off a few of the routes marked "Classic" in Roach's guidebook already... our plan is to hit them all (100s), starting at the beginning.

This afternoon I'm tuning up the bikes while Laurel goes on an interview. As I'm working I see this creepy spider checking me out. It's a jumping spider.

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