Tuesday, March 31, 2009

125% Tuesday

We chased the sun all the way back to Boulder today.

Big Wall Nuts law #1: If we fly for X hours to reach destination Y, then we shall remain at destination Y for a minimum of X days.

We had a great time back east and in Europe but it was a bit hectic. More to come...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

35 mile bike ride

Today we went for a long bike ride. There were some neat looking paths and trails on the map out by Loiusville and Superior so we biked south to try to find them.

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Along the way we had great views of our Flatirons and the bigger snowy mountains behind them.

After 20 miles or so we got to some mountain biking trails. They were very rocky but not too steep, so we were able to stay on our bikes most of the way.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

CMC snowshoe trip

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Our 3rd CMC trip was a snowshoe starting at the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel. It was a big group -- 17 of us total! The way was easy going until we left the trail. A few of us took turns breaking trail up that steep hill. The group stopped for lunch at the top while a few of us headed a bit higher.

After finishing lunch and waiting for a few stragglers we got to run down the huge hill, a bit off to the side so we'd have nice fresh snow to plow through. According to the GPS my max speed was 10 MPH.

On the way down the group split up a bit. On parts of the hill we got cliffed-out and had to figure out a safer way down. Eventually we regrouped at a meadow. The snow was wet enough from being melted by the sun that we had a snowball fight and made a funny-looking snowman.

After the trip we had drinks and dinner at the Sundance Cafe in Nederland. Good chow and fun time socializing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Big Weekend

On Saturday we hit the road for the Denver Airport and flew out to Boston. We arrived at dinner time and met up with Melissa and Dave for a tasty dinner at a Korean barbecue. We stayed with them through Sunday night.

On Sunday we went to visit Tom, Jenn, and KayLee out in West Boylston. Then we headed to Hudson for a visit with Craig, Sarah, Violette, and Scarlett. All the girls are growing up so quickly! After a quick lunch at the Halfway Cafe, we dropped by Greg and Andrea's to meet Emma, their new daughter. Then it was back to Medford for an awesome pizza party with a lot of people. We were so lucky to see Rob, Lisa, Jenny, Deanna, John, Ernie, Susan, Tom, and KayLee and eat yummy pizza and brownies.

Monday I dropped Dan off at work while I did a little playing on my own. The afternoon came quickly and we had to get ready for the Technical Honors Dinner at the Framingham Sheraton. We had a nice dinner and I got to meet a lot of people from Raytheon.

Tuesday morning we were up at 5:00 to get to Logan. The flight was long, but uneventful. We made it back to Boulder at 1:00 in the afternoon and were very excited to be back. Though, we would love to bring all our friends back here with us, Boulder is definitely OUR place.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Has Come to Boulder

It was 70 again today. I've seen crocuses around town and it's supposed to be warm all week. So much for the snowiest month of the year!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brainard Cabin

On Sunday we snowshoed out to the CMC Cabin on Brainard Lake. We took the Snowshoe Trail to the roads around the lake. Once we were there we chopped firewood (yes, I actually swung an ax and split wood!) and got trained in how to open up and close down the cabin ourselves.

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So....if anyone wants to come out to CO we can reserve the cabin for a couple of nights. It sleeps 12 and has a wood burning stove and oven and fireplace with chairs and other goodies. After the training we followed THE WHOLE Snowshoe Trail back to the parking lot.