Saturday, March 14, 2009

CMC snowshoe trip

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Our 3rd CMC trip was a snowshoe starting at the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel. It was a big group -- 17 of us total! The way was easy going until we left the trail. A few of us took turns breaking trail up that steep hill. The group stopped for lunch at the top while a few of us headed a bit higher.

After finishing lunch and waiting for a few stragglers we got to run down the huge hill, a bit off to the side so we'd have nice fresh snow to plow through. According to the GPS my max speed was 10 MPH.

On the way down the group split up a bit. On parts of the hill we got cliffed-out and had to figure out a safer way down. Eventually we regrouped at a meadow. The snow was wet enough from being melted by the sun that we had a snowball fight and made a funny-looking snowman.

After the trip we had drinks and dinner at the Sundance Cafe in Nederland. Good chow and fun time socializing.

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