Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break

Keeping it short since there's a lot to tell. Pictures below link to full albums, one for each day.

Sat. 3/21: Flew to LaGuardia. L wins 4th annual Autocracy Poker Challenge.

Sun. 3/22: Hung out with Furlani family. Hiked in Agawam in the morning and then made s'mores in the afternoon with grandparents, cousin, aunts, and uncles.

Mon. 3/23: Showed Gramma and Grandpa F. Boulder pics and had lunch with them. Took Amanda shopping and had dinner out with Jackie and Paul.

Tues. 3/24: D went to work in Marlborough. L went to Lincoln to see kids and teachers. We both had dinner with John, Sarah, and Sophia.

Wed. 3/25: Drove to Bristol to see Grandma and Grandpa R. Had lunch and looked at pics. Afternoon with Tim and very pregnant Diana :-) Dinner and drinks at Christine and Dave's.

Thurs. 3/26: Walked around the Cloisters in way-upper Manhattan. Drove around and around Newark Airport trying to find gas station. Flew to Geneva.

Fri. 3/27: Arrived in Geneva after little sleep. Yummy French pastries for breakfast. Donna showed us around her school, Old Town and other Geneva hot spots. Lunch at a cafe. Back to apartment for a nap, then out again to see Lake Geneva and hip neighborhood. Dinner at home.

Sat. 3/28: Weather canceled planned hike, so we went to Italy instead. Stopped for short hike to waterfall before reaching border. Drove under Mont Blanc, hiked to very old ruins on top of hill. Walked around Aosta, had pizza, did some shopping, and saw Roman coliseum–like ruins. Dinner at awesome Italian restaurant. Spaghetti is very yummy.

Sun. 3/29: Went to CERN. Saw very big parts of particle accelerator (if you've seen the LHC rap video, what we saw was the CMS mentioned at 0:52). Did not see black hole. Lunch in Geneva at Indian restaurant. Small hike in town where D found snail shell. Watched Warren Miller movie to get psyched for skiing.

Mon. 3/30: Skied at Chamonix—Brevent/Flegere area. Some runs were in the clouds and visibility was 10 feet. L very scared. Most of day visibility was OK. D had tons of fun, L did not die :-) (L had fun, too) Dinner at local rural French restaurant. D and Donna had melty cheese, meat, potato, and pickle dish. Regional specialty.

Tues. 3/31: Day that never ended. Flew to Newark, shuttled to LGA, flew to Denver, bus to Boulder. 24 hours of traveling sucks.

Wed. 4/1: Very tired. Lots of laundry and groceries. Nice to see Flatirons again.

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