Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Once again, Boulder hosted another rainy weekend. This spring has been abnormally wet, which is good for water levels, but bad for rock climbing. We did manage to get out a bit, though, despite the cloudy skies.

On Saturday we hopped on our bikes and headed for the north of town. We got to the Anne. U White trail head and went for a little hike. We rode back home and managed to have lunch before it started drizzling. We tried to go out again in the evening to do some mountain biking, but we turned about after hearing some thunder.

Sunday morning the skies seemed to be clearing a bit. After the pouring rain Saturday night we didn't think the clearing would have dried up our local crags so we hoped on our bikes and headed for the canyon. We got to Sugarloaf Road and went up to Betasso and biked the loop. On our way back we hit the Boulder Creek Festival. There were hundreds of vendors and entertainers. We walked around for a while until once again, we heard thunder and headed home.

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