Saturday, June 27, 2009

Climbing with Sean

We invited Sean to climb with us today. We've never climbed with him before, but he has some experience (mostly indoor), so we planned on some easier, easy-access spots in Boulder Canyon. Unfortunately, there was some sort of meet-up group fundraiser at most of our chosen spots, so we headed back into town and decided on the Spy -- a piece of rock just north of and nearly attached to the First Flatiron.

Dan led it in three pitches and Sean and I followed. There were great views of town and the amphitheater area. It was really fun to have someone to talk to while Dan was leading and setting up anchors. We passed the tri-cam that we left in a crack last fall on the same climb. Sean tried for a good 20 minutes but he couldn't get it out either.

Since the weather was so nice, we decided to climb another route. We hopped on the First Flatiornette again, but a little further south than our climb on Monday. Oh yeah, and this deer was hanging out with us, too. He sat maybe 100 feet from us for most of the climb and then tried to check out our stuff when we were all off the ground. It was a fun two pitches and then we headed down for dinner. Ann came over, too, and we made pizza and then went to Glacier for dessert.

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