Sunday, November 1, 2009

North Sourdough Trail

Laurel needed a mountain fix so we headed up to the Indian Peaks for some snowshoeing. Even though most of the snow had melted in Boulder, and even though the temperature was already in the 40s in Ward when we checked this morning, we figured there would still be snow in the mountains.

Instead of going to the Brainard area we headed a little farther north to county road 96. We found the Beaver Reservoir trailhead, which is the northern terminus of the Sourdough trail. There was no parking area so we pulled off on the side of the road as far as we could.

The snow was wet, sticky, and heavy. Our snowshoes would get clumps of snow stuck to the bottom and occasionally snowballs would collect on top too. It wasn't long until we reached a portion of the trail that had not yet been traveled. That increased the difficulty -- every step we took we sunk in a foot. And unlike the light fluffy snow on Thursday that we could plow through, in these conditions the only option was high-knees all the way.

Our goal was to go along the trail for almost 2 miles to a loop, but we didn't even make it to the loop today before we decided to turn back. It was nice to be able to retrace our path and not break trail the whole way back.

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