Friday, January 1, 2010


Donna and JJ came out to visit and we went skiing. They flew in very late Tuesday night and on Wednesday we started heading to the other side of the state. On the way to Glenwood Springs we went to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs for lunch. Yum! We got to walk around downtown in Glenwood and stopped at Doc Holiday's for dinner.

On Thursday we drove to Snowmass and skied all day. It was chilly (high was 20) but we still had a lot of fun. We had dinner just off the slopes and then called it an early New Year's Eve so we could ski again bright and early.

Our early evening paid off because we practically had the slopes to ourselves Friday morning. It was warmer and the skies were a beautiful Colorado blue. We took a lift to the very top of the ski resort boundaries and Dan and I actually hiked to the top of the ski mountain. There were gorgeous views and I wanted to keep going... I think I could have convinced Dan to join me up an enticing ridge had we not been in ski boots! The rest of the day was great and then we headed back to Boulder.

Our pictures and JJ's pictures.

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