Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boulder day

We stayed local today. First we headed out on our bikes to Wonderland Lake. We saw the hang glider from last week, but this time he was actually up in the air. After parking our bikes at the trailhead we hiked the Kiln loop trail. The kiln was kinda neat, there were some strange black and white rocks along the way, and we got to see a hummingbird very close up.

Next we biked down to the library and then the farmers' market for lunch. While downtown I got my new free Newton Running shoes. It's a neat store -- they let you take the shoes outside to test drive.

From there we headed home. I biked to the Bolder Boulder store to pick up my race packet. Back at home I tried out my new shoes on a 1-mile run. They'll take a little getting used to but I think I like them.

Later in the evening Laurel and I headed out for a walk and ended up at the Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. Good food. It was a bit chilly walking home.

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