Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ralph Price Reservoir

Long time no posts... I've been running a lot. I've been getting out at least once a weekend for a 2+ hour trail run. I've run up at Hall Ranch. Last weekend I ran up Green Mountain (and was passed by Anton Krupika!) and Saturday I ran up Bear Peak.

On Sunday, Dan and I went to explore the Ralph Price Reservoir area. I learned about this area through the Boulder Trail Runners and wanted to check it out. We had planned to hike the Sleepy Lion Trail, but just 100 yards on the trail Dan discovered a faint side trail, so we decided to explore it. Along the way we found a hidden bouldering area so we stopped to play on the rocks.

Eventually this little trail got us up to Hall Ranch at the junction of the Nighthawk and Buttonrock Trails. Good views of Longs Peak.

After a quick lunch, we hiked the Buttonrock Trail back to the end of Sleepy Lion. This trail dumped us out at the bottom of the dam, where there was an outlet spewing water at tremendous pressure.

We hiked up the side of the dam to see what was up top. The water was pretty, especially with Meeker and Longs in the background. We walked back down the road (yuck) to the car.

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