Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jamestown run

We biked to Jamestown for a trail run today. The ride was about 17 miles and almost all uphill (some 1600'). The run/hike was on old forest roads, up to Nugget Hill for some spectacular views, then back down other forest roads.

Along the way we saw some old mining equipment (or something). There was a small pad with the letters "RWH" and "BONDHOLDER 1934" written in the concrete, and nearby was a sinkhole or old mine shaft or something that probably went down 20 feet.

Our run ended up being around 9 miles and took us almost up to 8800' (we started at around 6900'). Hard to believe we climbed more on foot than on bike -- that ride was tough! Luckily the ride home was almost all downhill, just some small ups on US-36.

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