Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Lonesome Loop

Today I went for a beautiful run/hike with the BTR (Boulder Trail Runners) Church Run group. It was a small group today with only three of us, but it was tons of fun. I drove up to the Hessie trailhead with Theresa where we met Fred who had taken the bus and ridden his bike. From there, we ran/hiked up the Devil's Lake Cut-off trail to, you guessed it, Devil's Lake. There was significantly less snow than a month ago when Dan and I tried to hike in this area. There were a couple of snow fields still around, but nothing that wasn't easily crossable. We ascended Devil's Thumb Pass to the Continental Divide in about two and a half hours. The whole route was crawling with wild flowers and boasted gorgeous views.

We then ran down part of the ridge to summit two little bumps. I thought one of them was Skyscraper Peak, but after looking at the map again, I don't think we got the true summit. We got back on the trail and descended into the King Lake basin. From there we just took the King Lake Trail back to the Hessie Trailhead. The whole adventure took 5.5 hours and we covered 16 miles and 3600' gain.

Here's our route.
Here are the pics.

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