Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Dome

Tim and I tried some climbing in Boulder Canyon today. He wanted to check out the Dome and Elephant Buttresses right outside of town, so I came along as his belayer. We carefully navigated the poison ivy along the access trails and made our way up to the left side of the Dome. Here, Tim led a 5.6/5.7 route---perhaps part of it was the classic "East Slab Route"---but it's always hard to tell whether one is exactly on route when it comes to trad climbing. We topped out in two pitches, managing to stay in the shade for the majority of the route.

I found the Dome Boulder while looking for a "lady's room," so we climbed around on that for a while. Some fun little routes and a good traverse problem.

Then we went over to the Elephant Buttresses (lots more poison ivy that I adeptly avoided!). Unfortunately, Tim wasn't up for more leading, but it was cool to check out the very accessible area. I think Dan and I could go back in a few months and check out some of the 5.6s over there.

Rather than calling the day super early, we scrambled a bit on Rock Island and then climbed some stuff back at the gym.

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