Sunday, June 16, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 14

Swim: 6600 meters (4.1 miles)
Bike: 201.1 miles (3000' climbing)
Run: 2.7 miles (yay!)
Elliptical: 3:50 (23 miles equivalent)
Hiking: easy 2.5 miles

FINALLY, I can run again...a little bit. Three runs this week...1/2 mile, 1 mile, and 1.2 this morning. This is really great news, especially since I'm supposed to be racing next weekend. Also, this week's bike rides are my all time record. Woo hoo! It was fun to get some climbing in there, too, up in Dillon/Frisco/Breckenridge. I definitely want to go back and ride more stuff up there. Got to swim in the Rez for the first time this season, too. All in all, an awesome week.

Five weeks to go...

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