Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NW Part 2 (with Dan)

Monday, July 22

After dropping Mom off at the airport, Dan and I headed for a ferry boat that took us to Southworth. From there, we drove to Olympic National Park. It was sunny and clear all afternoon. We drove up Hurricane Ridge to a dirt road to Obstruction Point. Unfortunately, the road was gated off halfway to the point because a park ranger was re-grading it. So, our hike began at the gate. The views were unbelievable. The flowers were extraordinary. We even saw Washington marmots! We hiked about 4 miles up to Obstruction Point (still don't know what was obstructed about it, because you could see forever!) and started on the actual trail we had wanted to begin on. It was already late and the shadows were making it cool up at 6150'. We got to a large snowfield and decided to turn back. After 3.5 hours of hiking we made it back to the car and then had dinner at a great Italian restaurant in Port Angeles. We continued to drive to Forks, where there was no room in the inn--any of them. Dan found a great place south of town that had a room for us---and 6 of our friends---that was available.

Abridged version of rest of trip...

Left forks, ran on Ruby Beach, saw starfish!! Saw big tree, walked rainforest nature trail. Started driving towards Wenatchee (got a little lost in Tacoma). Got awesome fresh fruit. Dinner @ McGlinn's with Matt and Kerry. Drove to canyon south of Ellensburg to camp. Slept right along the river.

Drove to Rainier NP. Ran 11 miles and 3600' from east entrance, to 2nd Burrough, then Glacier Basin Junction, spur to glacier view and back. Saw bear! Drove to Hermiston, OR. Dinner at sports bar.

Oregon Trail, lots of driving. Camped just outside Sun Valley, ID. Dinner at local Mexican place.

Sun Valley awesome run! 1:30 & 4 mi up to cabin, 1:40 and 4.5 mi back to TR. Lunch in Ketchum. Craters of the Moon-some hiking around. Up big black hill and to view large craters. Drove to Jackson Hole. Dinner at Thai place.

Grand Teton NP. Hiked past Amphitheater Lake to start of 3rd class scramble up Disappointment Peak. 3:48, 11.5 mi 3300'. Car overheated in middle of "grizzly country." After it cooled, we managed to get to Laramie, WY. Then it overheated again. Cooled once more and drove home. Yay Boulder!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I did it!

I finished the Lake Stevens 70.3! Woo hoo!

NW Trip--Part 1 (with Mom)

Saturday 7/13

We left Boulder and headed north for Sheridan, WY. Stopped in Douglas and walked along the North Platte River. Big rodeo in Sheridan the night we were there. Didn't go to see it, but saw everyone decked out in cowboy/cowgirl gear. Really nice downtown. Excursion to Montana after dinner. Sat in the hotel parking lot and ate Ben & Jerry's :-) (I did an awesome bike ride/run on a road that led up to Montana Sunday am.)

Sunday 7/14

Left Sheridan for Shelby, MT. Stopped outside of Billings at the Battlefield of Little Bighorn. Took scenic roads to Great Falls. Stopped in Great Falls and walked along the Missouri River before arriving in the very small town of Shelby. Found an awesome little restaurant down the road with burgers and steak.

Monday 7/15

Left Shelby and headed toward Glacier NP. Awesome windy, Mom says scary, open range road to park entrance. Drove Going-to-the-Sun Road. Very, very scenic--especially the crystal clear lakes and streams. Saw 2 mountain goats and left the park before all the big tour buses arrived. Visited White Fish, Montana ski resort town. Huckleberries everywhere! Drove more scenic roads into Idaho. Stayed in log cabin room next to highway in Sand Point. (I rode into town of Dover where I saw an osprey). Devoured huckleberry cobbler for dessert!

Tuesday 7/16

Headed south for Coeur D'Alene. Very impressed by the clean city, pristine lake, and scenic forests. We walked on the world's largest floating dock and then hiked around Tubbs Hill. Downtown was very cute, especially the beach where the Ironman starts. Searched for Mom's 1965 Girl Scout Round-up and learned we had passed the state park already. Next time... Continued south through Idaho and then cut west on unending scenic roads to Washington. Arrived in the wine country that is Walla Walla. Very cute downtown surrounded by dry, yellow, barren hills with the occasional vineyard. (I ran in the morning in Sand Point and swam at the Walla, Walla YMCA in the evening.) Dinner was at the Olive.

Wednesday 7/17

High tailed it out of Walla Walla for greener pastures....or should I say whiter mountains? :-) Drove through Yakima to Rainier National Park. Awestruck by the ginormousness of Rainier. It was huge and had lots and lots of glaciers on all flanks. Scouted out many waterfalls and hiked up part of the Skyline Trail to get a closer look. Sad to leave the park...but carried on to cute, historical town of Elber. Got fresh picked cherries and world famous northwest capuccino. Landed in Puyallup at fancy Best Western. Dinner along the Puget Sound in Tacoma followed drinks at the outdoor lounge area with fire feature.

Thursday 7/18

After a quick run in the parking lot, we headed west for the Pacific and Olympic National Park. The beach was huge and you could drive your car on it. Crazy! Saw giant trees, rainforests, and rocky shores. Very, very cool. Stopped to walk in Quinalt and also Port Angeles. Stopped for the night in Sequim, home of the Lavender Festival. Dinner included lavender-raspberry-white chocolate ice cream which was nasty. Tasted like soap. Lavender was pretty, though.

Friday 7/19

Finished the tour of the Olympic Peninsula through the cutest little town of Port Gamble. Looked like it was straight out of a movie. Took a ferry right into downtown Seattle. Walked (and ate) through Pike Place Market. The berries, flowers, fish, and everything else were incredible. Saw the "original" Starbucks and then walked around the Pioneer District. Saw the Space Needle and headed up to Everett. Replaced a tire on my bike and headed to Lake Stevens to check things out and go for a quick ride. Dinner was homemade salad in our hotel kitchenette.

Saturday 7/20

Walked around the waterfront in Mukilteo and then went to Lake Stevens for the official check-in. Got the lay of the land and previewed half of the bike course before picking up Dan at Sea-Tac. Brought him to Pike Place Market for late lunch (and lots of berries!). Early night for the big race in the morning.

Sunday 7/21

Race Day! I made Dan and Mom get up at 4:30 so we could leave by 5. Drove to Lake Stevens and got ready to race. I was the first wave of age-group swimmers--6:38am start time. Race day was cloudy and cool and the water was warm. I had an awesome swim (35:43), a very hilly bike ride (I swear we just climbing miles 30-50 with no downhill!) and a decent run (lots of awesome energy on the course). Finished around 1:00 and Mom and Dan had chocolate milk for me. Yum! AFter a dip in the hot tub back at the hotel, we had dinner in Mukilteo by the water.

Monday 7/22

All three of us went on the Boeing factory tour and then we dropped Mom off at the airport.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 18

Swimming: 7000m (4.3 miles)
Biking: 125.8 miles
Running: 19 miles
Climbing: once at gym

Calf is still touchy, but runnable. Big event is next week. Yikes!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Triathlon Training Week 17

Swimming: 7400 yards (4.2 miles)
Biking: 105 miles
Running: 18 miles (woo hoo! 8 of these miles was up and down Mount Audubon!)
Hiking: 4 miles + a couple of good walks around the neighborhood
Climbing: once inside, once outside

Calf is good! Not perfect, but good! Feeling strong and excited the race is TWO weeks away. Getting tired of always running, biking, and swimming so it was good to mix it up with a lot of trail running and climbing this week. Great to get in the mountains!