Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week Twelve Triathlon Training

Cabo! We had a great week hanging out with Adam and Ashlee in Cabo this week. I did manage some runs on the beach, some mountain bike rides and swimming in the ocean. I didn't keep track of mileages or speeds, though. It was really nice to take a week off from official training.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week Eleven Triathlon Training

Another solid week of training. I am tired, though. Very tired. I'm glad it's spring break week because work, training, and homework for my class have been taking its toll. I'm looking forward to playing in the sun and exploring Cabo. Highlights this week include a swimming PR--1:27 for 100 yards-- and my longest run in a LONG time--12.5 miles. I ran from the house up Boulder Canyon to Fourmile and back in 30 degree weather with light snow. Dan rode 27 miles with me today (and totally kicked my butt!) and I rode with Rhae on Friday. It was super fun to hear about all her racing and adventures in El Salvador.

Swimming: 4900 yards (2.78 miles)
Cycling: 102 miles (67 outside)
Running: 22.5 miles
Other: YAYOG week 10

Monday, March 17, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 10

A good week, despite a cold. Dan and I even got away to ski for a day. It was nice to get a lot of bike miles done outside. I was also happy to see some faster miles during my track workout even though I've been sick.

Swimming: 5600 yards (3.18 miles)
Cycling: 105 miles (80 miles outside)
Running: 17.5 miles
Other: 1 1/2 hours climbing, YAYOG week 9, skiing (6 hours)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 9

A couple of warmer days this week made for some great cycling! Today it was 69 and Dan, Rose and I went up to Hygiene. Dan and I did two runs together this week. On Wednesday morning we ran 7 miles up by the Rez on Eagle/Sage/Lefthand and yesterday we ran in the snow and mud at Betasso. Super fun! I forgot to mention last week that I started doing one minute of plank every morning. I'm on a roll--two weeks straight now.

Swimming: 5600 yards (3.18 miles)
Cycling: 90 miles (all outside!!!)
Running: 18 miles
Other: YAYOG week 8, climbing 1.5 hours

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Triathlon Training Week 8

My celebration this week is simply that I got all my workouts in despite many, many hours of work. Not only did I have meetings after school every day this week, I also had parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday until 7:15. This makes for long days and not a lot of time for training. Another celebration was that I got Dan to run intervals with me. We had our work cut out for us with 15 400s. To make matters worse it was snowing, windy and 20 degrees. It's finally supposed to warm up this coming week. Fingers crossed!

Swimming: 4300 yards (2.4 miles)
Cycling: 3.5 hours on trainer
Running: 16 miles
Other: YAYOG week 7, climbing 1:30