Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week Nineteen Triathlon Training

I did my first sprint triathlon this weekend. One word--COLD. I worried all week about the cold water, and it was about what I imagined. The wet suit kept my core warm. The three swim caps I wore kept my head warm. My feet, hands and face were numb and/or painful. I couldn't really feel my feet and my hands just hurt they were so cold. The water temp was 57 degrees when we started swimming. My breathing was accelerated--I wasn't hyperventilating or anything--I was just breathing much harder than normal. I couldn't get more than 2 or 3 strokes in at a time, so I spent most of the swim doing backstroke. It seemed to to work because I was passing girls by just kicking. The bike ride was good--I had a headwind and it was mostly uphill, but I kept my cadence at 90 rpm. The way back was awesome--tail wind and mostly downhill. I flew! My overall average was 17.8 mph. However, the fast downhill made my feet even colder. I couldn't feel them until 2 miles into the run. That was pretty bad. However, sensation did eventually come back and I finished the race pretty strong. 1:26:14 for the day--6th in my age group!

Swimming: 6720 yds (3.8 miles)
Cycling: 144 miles
Running: 8 miles
Yayog week 7

I rode the 70.3 course this morning. It was fabulous! My goal race pace is 18 mph and I average 18.5 today. Woo hoo!

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