Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week Eighteen Triathlon Training

This week was not a great week. I had a tough time recovering from the half marathon and I caught a cold/stomach yucky thingy. Honestly, I think the last few weeks just caught up with me. It wasn't until I has on the couch sleeping at 4:00 on a week day afternoon that I realized how much stress I've been under lately. I've had a ton of stuff going on at school, plus my LAST class has been wrapping up and I had a 30-page paper due this weekend in addition to training and life in general. I feel very lucky that I was healthy last Sunday and could give the race my best effort. However, this was a week of crashing and babying tight calves. I managed to do all my workouts this week but a long run of 6-8 miles today.

Swimming: 6200 yards (3.5 miles)
Cycling: 90 miles
Running: 5 miles

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