Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week Twenty One Triathlon Training

Swimming: 10,000 yards (5.68 miles)
Cycling: 135 miles (with 5000 ft elevation gain)
Running: 6 miles

This has been a week of ups and downs. Monday started with a Bolder Boulder PR--50:37! Woo hoo! It was a great race and I had a blast running it. I had forgotten what a party the whole course is---not like long bike rides or trail runs in the middle of no where. Wednesday and Thursday my hip and glute really started bothering me. They're still not right and have prevented me from running any more this week. My fingers are crossed that my massage therapist can fix it tomorrow. Otherwise, I'm beginning to get worried about my big race in TWO weeks.

Other "ups" this week were my longest swim ever---5200 yards (3 miles!) and biggest swim volume week ever. I almost swam the equivalent of the Bolder Boulder course. Crazy! It was also a great cycling week--lots of miles with lots of friends (Dan, Jayme and Rose) and lots of climbing! Dan finished the Dirty Thirty yesterday and I got in quite a workout riding to road crossings and aid stations to cheer him on. Rose climbed Flagstaff for the first time today. And now I'm a year older--perhaps not a year wiser :-)

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