Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week Twenty Two Triathlon Training

Swimming: 6200 yards (3.5 miles)
Cycling: 130 miles
Running: 6 miles
Yayog: Week 10

This was a pretty normal training week. Running was still not right. I saw my awesome massage therapist Monday and she found I had all sorts of tightness in my quads, IT bands, and hips. She basically worked on my IT bands for an hour and then I finally started to feel better. I could run this week, but my stride was not right.

I did have 4 PRs this week swimming and cycling, so that was exciting! Early in the week I did some time trial work on the bike. At the 10-mile mark I was at 28:03 (PR!) and the 15-mile mark was 43:35 (PR!). The next morning I swam and in the middle of the workout I had to do a fast 300-yards. I did it in 4:57. Woot woot! Lastly, on Saturday I rode the race course focusing on the hills. I averaged 18.8 mph over 56 miles. This was .4 mph fast than two weeks ago. Yay!

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