Tuesday, July 11, 2017


June 29th (Anchorage --> Talkeetna)
(photos) Anchorage, briefly

June 30th (Talkeetna, Denali)
(photos) Denali State+National Parks
(ran 4.9mi, 377') Byers Lake
(ran 6.8mi, 2320') Healey overlook+ in Denali NP

July 1st (Talkeetna, Denali)
(photos) Ridge loop trail in Talkeetna
(ran 3.8mi, 522')

(photos) Flying to Ruth Glacier to see Denali up close
(GPS of the flight back from the glacier)

(photos) Trail run around Matanuska lakes
(ran 6mi, 642')

July 2nd (Anchorage)
(photos) Walking around, then Anchorage museum
(walked 4.5mi plus whatever we did at the museum)

(photos) Mad moose at the Campbell Tract
(walked 2.3mi)

July 3rd (Anchorage --> Homer)
(photos) Long drive from Anchorage to Homer
(ran 2mi, 941') Bird Ridge, part way, no bear
(ran 2.4mi, 649') Byron glacier
(hiked 2.5mi, 538') Kenai river - NEVER run on trails?? Ok.
(ran 4.2mi, 392') Tsalteshi trails

July 4th (Homer)
(photos) Running on Bishop Beach
(ran 10.9mi)

July 5th (Homer)
(photos) Halibut Cove Lagoon kayaking, Grewingk Glacier hiking, Gull Island
(kayaked 7.6mi) Halibut Cove Lagoon
(ran 5.3mi, 627') Grewingk Glacier

July 6th (Homer --> Seward)
(photos) Exit Glacier and Harding Icefield
(ran 11mi, 4402')

July 7th (Seward)
(photos) Kenai Fjords NP glacier cruise
(6h tour from Resurrection Bay to Aialik Bay and back)

(photos) Tonsina trail
(hiked 4.9mi, 1587')

July 8th (Seward)
(photos) Lost Lake trail, SeaLife center
(ran 11.3mi, 1999')

July 9th (Seward --> Anchorage)
(photos) Hope Point
(ran 8.3mi, 3818')

91 miles on foot with 19,000' elevation gain in 26 hours spread over 10 days
1300 miles driven (at least we got 36 mpg in the Yaris)
?? miles by boat
???? miles by plane

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