The lost texts '07

On our 2007 road trip there were places where the cell service was so poor that the only way to communicate was via text message. We had a good time keeping in touch with Brian while we were stuck in the car driving for hours on end.


12:43 pm  Brian : Almost no cell coverage, where are you?
12:56 pm Dan : Miniapolis now going to sioux falls tonite we
could meet in boulder co in a few days if ur still
1:32 pm Brian : I'm in Badlands NP now, sounds like i'm a few days
ahead. oh well!
2:17 pm Dan : I'm at mall of america gonna die


 2:07 pm  Dan   : Heading to Badlands now, camping near Rushmore
tonight. May climb in Black Hills tomorrow. What
are you up to?
2:17 pm Brian : I trucked on ahead and am now 60 miles from
yellowstone. cell coverage is scarce- wifi


 7:35 pm  Dan   : 1 Hour from devils tower no cell service where are
7:37 pm Brian : Livingston montana laughing my ASS off at your
blog and Laurels post on my blog!!!


11:02 am  Dan   : In Laramie Wyo Today will be in boulder co for
next two weeks drop by
8:34 pm Dan : Doing laundry in Boulder. we have no cell service
at our room but we have wi fi. Where you at now?
8:46 pm Brian : Nope, glacier war a few days ago :) hiked mt
rainier this morning and am now in Seattle.


12:13 pm  Brian : How much longer are you gonna be in co? i may be
there in 3-6 days.


12:46 pm  Dan   : We leave on the 25th In the morning


12:36 pm  Brian : I might be in boulder tonite. want to get dinner?
6:03 pm Dan : Yes ethiopian sound good? You can stay with us
6:05 pm Dan : Call our room at 303 444 xxxx Room 33

6:29 pm Dan : Doki Will be here around six, they have no cots,
Well get ethiopian
6:30 pm Laurel: Ok


 5:46 pm  Dan   : Nice tunnel on 70!
5:47 pm Brian : Hope the traffics not too bad!
5:54 pm Dan : No traffic but nice lightening and a little pain
and its cooler


 4:54 pm  Dan   : Got the Escape up to 100 on a downhill today. How
was Roswell?
7:25 pm Brian : Museum closed @ 5 - right as i pulled in :(


10:30 pm  John  : Made it off the trail. In victoria bc.


 5:36 pm  Dan   : Congrats! Glad to hear you made it. Hanging out
with Justin for a few days now
7:39 pm John : Tell him i said hi. In vancouver bc now

7:47 pm Dan : Bummer about Rosyell. We swam in the great salt
lake today. It was vile but fun
7:49 pm Brian : Why vile? and was it easier to float?
8:27 pm Dan : Yes easier to float see blog for vileness
8:28 pm Brian : Lol, can't wait
8:34 pm Brian : Just passed sign: Entering Muscogee (Creek)


 3:18 pm  Brian : Saw HI and DC plates at Graceland.


12:08 pm  Dan   : Wow hope they are still there when we get thru!
Touched Gunnison R today hiking Elbert Tomorrow


11:18 pm  Dan   : Any ideas for something to do in Kansas between
Hays and Wichita? We are stumped
11:19 pm Brian : Sure! Leave as fast as you can.
11:37 pm Dan : ROFLMAO! Going to see animated dinosaurs tomorrow
11:39 pm Brian : Have fun, they will probably be depicted living
alongside humans


12:45 pm  Brian : Haven't kept up too well on blogs lately, yours
and mine. where are you these days? i'll be in
shenandoah va today.
12:55 pm Dan : Cool shan is nice spend some time there. We are
in indianapolis Colts land :(
10:03 pm Dan : We will be in Wash DC on Wed night and Fri
afternoon. Want to meet up somewhere Thursday?


11:35 am  Brian : Sure, if you're in CT :)
12:55 pm Dan : You beat us back! Oh well. We're visiting Laurel's
family on Sat/Sun in NJ/CT so prob not going to
make it to Vernon. How was Shenandoah?
?:?? pm Brian : Shen was great! i practically walked into a deer.
1:07 pm Dan : Whats home like?
1:11 pm Brian : AC, long hot showers, bob-o-pedic mattress,
reliable internets. don't have to drive anywhere!


 7:45 pm  Dan   : Home sounds nice. Looks like well be home early
too, on Saturday unless we decide to climb in NY.
Wondering what to do with the blog once we get